Information regarding ordering, billing, stock fabric grounds and specifications may be accessed via the links below. Pricing information is available from the showrooms representing the TylerGraphic line. For pattern repeats, please view the page for the pattern of interest in the Fabrics or Wallcoverings sections of this site.

  • ordering & billing
  • fabric & paper grounds
  • hand-printed fabrics & wallcoverings

TylerGraphic’s ordering and billing terms are summarized below. Please let us know if you have any questions about our policy.

  • A 50% deposit is required on all orders, balance to be paid before shipping.
  • Delivery occurs approximately 4-6 weeks after receipt of deposit. All shipping is by UPS and insured unless otherwise specified.
  • Minimum order is ten yards. Ten-yard minimum for all custom orders.
  • There is a $150 charge for a one-yard strike-off, recommended for all custom orders.
  • All of our prints are interchangeable between stock grounds.
  • All patterns are printed in panels. Please specify lengths when necessary. Maximum panel length is ten yards.

Composition and standard width of our stock fabric and paper grounds are shown below. Please view the pages in our Fabrics and Wallcoverings sections for information about individual pattern repeats.

Linen Grounds

  • 100% linen (52″)
  • 100% linen, heavy-weight (52″)
  • 100% linen, extra heavy-weight (52″)
  • 50/50 linen cotton blend (52″)
  • 100% linen sheer (52″)

Cotton Grounds

  • 100% cotton satteen (52″)

Silk Grounds

  • 100% silk  (52″)

Wool Grounds

  • heavy boiled wool (52″)
  • wool flannel (52″)


  • 100% linen rag paper (51″)

Please note

The colors you are viewing on this website are affected by both monitor and browser settings, and only approximately represent the true colors of out papers and fabrics. We encourage you to view actual samples of our work prior to ordering, to ensure that the color range meets your criteria.

TylerGraphic’s fabrics are made by hand to order. Variations in both color and texture will occur throughout the fabric. These variations are intrinsic to the hand-printing methods that we use. We can not guarantee an exact color match, nor can we eliminate variations in texture resulting from our printing techniques. In working with our wallcoverings, you will also notice subtle variations in texture and color, again due to the hand-blocking techniques used in their production.

Note that placing our fabrics or wallcoverings in direct sunlight will cause fading over time. In very strong, southern sun, even indirect light may have this effect.